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Certified Birth doula
Trauma Informed Professional 
Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

About Me

Hello Emerald and Gulf Coast! My name is Chastity and I'm a 27-year-old Asian American birth worker serving Northwest Florida and surrounding areas. My practice was started in 2019 and I have had the honor to serve countless families and my community for 6 years now. Here is a little about myself and my calling into birth work!


When I was pregnant with my first child, I envisioned birth to be an empowering and beautiful experience. I was left with a lot of grief after what unfolded was nothing like what I expected. So much trust was put into my care team and in the end, I was left feeling broken and damaged by our maternity care system. As much as they told me I should be thankful for their care, I knew the system had failed me. 

I started to question how I could help families reclaim their birthing experiences and, in my studies came across the term Doula. The amount of evidence proving the positive impact Doula care has in the perinatal period was enough to start me on my journey to becoming certified. 

In 2018, I started my search for a certifying agency that aligns with my

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values. A friend of mine reached out and pointed me to an organization called Childbirth International. I knew this was who I needed to guide me in my journey to becoming certified and give my best possible care to the families I serve. The knowledge I've attained in my time with them has served me in so many aspects of my life. From professional to personal growth, and even healing from my traumatic birth experience. I became certified in July 2019 and am now in the process of becoming a certified trauma informed professional. My goal is to provide each family I serve with quality trauma informed care so that they may leave their birthing experience completely empowered in their choices. 

I now offer free birth trauma support to my community in forms of group peer support groups as well as one-on-one support. Other services include placenta encapsulation, childbirth education classes, and cloth diapering 101.


Birth Trauma Support Circle

Birth can be a beautiful and empowering experience, but for some it may be a time filled with trauma and grief. One-third of birthing individuals report their births as traumatic, with some going on to develop postpartum post-traumatic stress disorder.

This group was made to create a safe space to speak your truth about your birth and heal together as a community. Birth trauma is isolating, devastating, and real but we do NOT have to heal alone.

Location: Sound Cafe + Enlightened Studios 
142 Miracle Strip Pkwy SE, Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548
Date: Every other Tuesday starting April 9th
Time: 5pm


Birth Doula Services

Doulas are an essential part of your care team. We offer the continuous support that's lacking in our current maternity care system.  Working directly with the birthing person and their partner you can be assured our main priority is you! Offering physical, emotional, and informational support we can help you achieve a satisfying and empowering birth experience.​


Payment plan options available

Childbirth Education

Knowledge is power! Birth can be a very intimidating subject which is why evidence-based childbirth education is so important. The more you understand the process the less you may fear it. In this childbirth education course, you will learn about physiological childbirth, the different types of care providers and birth settings, common interventions, building your birth plan, and more! 

Discount when bundled with Doula Package

Placenta Encapsulation

While the benefits for consuming your placenta have not yet been proven many people and families (including myself!) have seen and felt the tremendous positive impacts of placenta consumption. From warding off postpartum blues and depression to helping replenish energy and increase their milk supply. Celestial Roots Birth Services offers a wide array of placenta encapsulation options. Capsules, tinctures, truffles, and more!

Discount when bundled with Doula Package



Would not have been able to do my home birth without Chastity. I was connected with her thru a friend and she was there to support me. She knew the situation I was in but did not let that hinder her services. I can’t thank her enough for supporting me thru my first home birth.

Rocklin Starr
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